With traveling come culture, ideas and skills. Which I then cross pollinate around the world to create work that’s fresh, exotic, crisp and appreciated locally. I invite you to check out my portfolio and would love to hear how I could help you with your dreams.

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I can help with

Graphic Design

Get your logos, brochures, and other marketing collateral designed.

Website Design

Static and Dynamic website and email template designs delivered lightning fast.

Website Management

I don’t just give birth. I nurture the baby too!


Need a children’s storybook illustrated? A wall perhaps? Or looking for a kickass infographic? I’ve got you covered.


I do it for you and/or teach you how.

Film making

Heros, stories, dramas, action and emotion.

Digital Marketing

Develop a community. Spread the love.

Brand Consulting

Have a company, product, service? Let’s make it stick in your customer’s mind.

Textual Content

Your Social media text, blogs, video scripts come alive.

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A little more about Alina

Traveling local globally, with a goal to create self-sustaining value for humanity.

Hi again! My travels have allowed me to pick up some really cool skills. Over time these skills I developed initially for myself, have allowed me to create value for individuals and organizations worldwide.

We should be talking if:

  1. You are a digital nomad like me.
  2. Looking to sustain yourself while continuing to travel.
  3. An individual or organization looking to establish and scale your online presence.
  4. Looking to launch a new company, product or service and need help with branding and communication.

I’m beyond excited at the prospect of hearing from you, working with you on something that you are passionate about and care for deepcly. There is a certain kick in it. Not to mention tremendous satisfaction.

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